Skyline Tree Care

Skyline Tree Care offers a safe, reliable service to maintain the health and beauty of trees in our community of San Juan County.  Our services span the upper canopy to the forest floor and are executed with care, precision and timeliness. We adhere to the safe practice and procedure standards outlined by the ISA.

We encourage our clients and community members to look up, literally, and enjoy our natural overhead environs and also work together to protect them.


To establish a healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing tree or urban forest
  • General Pruning: Removal of dead, diseased, weakly attached, and broken branches. This process defines the tree and closes entry points for pests and disease.
  • Retrenchment Pruning: This process involves reducing the length of branches that are prone to failure in high wind, or under snow load. When removing branches in entirety isn’t aesthetically pleasing, retrenchment is the answer.
  • Crown Thinning: Select branch removal for light and air penetration in addition to a reduction in sail area of the tree. You can improve light in your yard without removal and reduce susceptibility to storm damage.
  • Vista Pruning: Create a view without removing trees. We have years of experience improving views in the San Juans, one branch at a time. Let’s see what we can do for your view.
  • Crown Restoration: Improve the structure of a tree by highlighting proper scaffold branches and guiding the tree to take on a natural, healthy form. This is used often to correct improper pruning.
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  • pruning-3

  • pruning-2


When it is necessary to remove a tree it must be done with precision and with all safeguards in place

Hazard Trees: For trees that may inflict injury or damage to property advanced rigging techniques are employed to safely bring down a precariously positioned tree.


We specialize in restoration and maintenance of new and heritage
orchards. We pay special attention to sculpting fruit and nut trees
to meet the needs of our clients while also considering the aesthetics
and plant health care of the trees.


Clean Up

Complete cleanup services including chipping and greenwaste disposal.

Additional Services

Forest health care and restoration:

Clear cutting in the San Juan Islands has left us with returning 2nd and 3rd growth forests. Now, while they are developing, it is crucial to assist our forests so that they return to their beautiful and stable environment.

Health Care: Assess and implement the health care needs of specimen trees:
  • Fertilization to reinvigorate a declining tree that cannot be helped by pruning alone
  • Diagnose diseases and inorganic stresses that may inhibit heath and future growth
Cabling and bracing:

Tree support systems to save specimen trees

Site development/ pre-construction assessment:

It is our goal to assist in the preservation of existing trees on a developing property. It is important to assess their environmental needs before, during, and after construction to avoid tree failure

Meet the Team

Tawm Perkowski

Originally from Bellingham, Tawm has lived on the Salish Sea his whole life.

Tawm has been a climbing arborist for 5 years in the San Juan Islands.

Justin Blevins

Justin is an ISA certified arborist (#PN-6586A) and PNW Certified Tree Risk Assessor. Justin grew up in the San Juan Islands and has been climbing trees professionally since 2002.